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Local People…Saving Local Lands

 The Bay County Conservancy (BCC) is a land trust dedicated to the preservation of environmentally sensitive lands in Northwest Florida. BCC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and a member of the national Land Trust Alliance. Our goal is to acquire land that will enhance the present and future natural resources of this area. With our rapid growth rate, these lands and natural resources are under constant pressure and threat of development.

Environmentally important land areas, such as endangered wetlands, will be purchased or accepted as tax-exempt donations. Land can also be preserved through conservation easements. An easement is a contract between a landowner and the Bay County Conservancy that protects certain natural resources of the land while leaving the landowner in possession and with some use of the land.

Audubon Nature Preserve

Such land areas provide many benefits:

wildlife habitat

stormwater retention

aquifer recharge

air cleansing

recreation and education

green space for human renewal




                          You can help…

Land conservation is truly an area where individuals can make a difference.

Preserve the Panhandle’s natural environment by joining others who value clean water, open space, and diversity of plants and animals.

Become a member of the Bay County Conservancy, volunteer your energy and abilities, donate money or land, and spread the word!

Learn more about all the ways you can support the Bay County Conservancy.

Join us!!!

Air Potato Roundup and Trash-Bash February 28th, 2015

Get involved!  In honor of National Invasive Species Awareness Week, February 22-28, local residents and winter visitors can help fight invasive species by participating in the Bay County Conservancy’s 2nd Annual Air Potato Roundup and Trash-Bash Saturday, Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. – noon in Panama City.

No special experience is necessary to participate in this year’s Air Potato Roundup. Grab your garden gloves on Feb. 28 and head over to the section of Audubon Nature Preserve located behind the Panama City Orthopedics offices at 408 West 19th Street (near round-a-bout at State Ave. and 19th St.).

The site is very wet due to recent rains, so rubber boots are recommended.  Last year, volunteers gathered up 368 pounds of air potatoes. Trash bags will be provided to collect any litter on the site and buckets will available to gather the potatoes.

Ron Houser collecting air potatoes.

Ron Houser collecting air potatoes.


Our visit to Tully Park

On Saturday, June 14th, members of the Bay County Conservancy Board of Directors and friends visited Tully Park on St. George Island. Tully Park is BCC’s first preserve in Franklin County and is managed by the St. George Plantation Owners’ Association. Thank you to Rick Watson for showing us the park and the surrounding area.

BCC Board and friends visit Tully Park