2021 Air Potato Round-Up

February 6, 2021

Air Potato Removal Work Day scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 6th. 

Help fight invasive species by helping BCC gather up air potatoes from nature preserve.

When: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Saturday, February 6, 2021

Where: Section of Audubon Nature Preserve located behind the Panama City Orthopedics offices at 408 West 19th Street (near the round-a-bout at State Ave. and 19th St.)

Bring: Maskgloves, long pants, comfortable shoes (rubber boots are recommended) and be prepared to get dirty. Water and trash bags will be provided. Extra buckets to collect the potatoes are always appreciated. We suggest bringing a small hand rake if you have one to move leaf litter – the air potatoes are primarily on the ground in the dead leaves. No special experience is necessary to participate. We will be following social distancing guidelines.


Air potato vines smother native plants and threaten the biodiversity of our natural areas. Volunteers will be asked to collect the “potatoes” that grow on the vine and drop to the ground in winter. Unless removed, each of these potatoes will sprout a new vine -capable of growing several inches in a day.  


More info: Call Teresa Nooney at 814-4755 or email: nooneyt1963@gmail.com

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